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Mixing liquids, dissolving and diluting

Whether it’s dissolving one solid substance in water or mixing multiple substances into a liquid: ZHL always has the right solution. In exactly the desired proportions.

Mixing liquids, dissolving and diluting

Dissolving one or more components
ZHL is able to dissolve single products or to mix, for example, 20 different substances into one highly specialised liquid. 100 grams of one material, 30 grams of the next, 200 milligrams of another: all the components are mixed in exactly the desired proportions to create one liquid.

Mixing machines for all applications
We have a wide range of different mixers, for diverse types of liquids. For example, our specialised mesh facility is used for more viscose fluids, while our mixing tank with ring is suitable for liquids with lower viscosities. We also have a 1000 litre mixing tank for smaller quantities.

From concentrate to the right dilution ratio
Dilution is also part of our daily operations. For example: We receive a highly concentrated soap that we then dilute in water in the requested ratio. Or a concentrated liquid fertiliser that we dilute to the specific requirements of the client. One client may request 40% dilution, another 30% and another perhaps 33.3%. We will mix your products with absolute accuracy.



Allow us to mix your products too!
We will mix or dilute all your liquids, or dissolve solids to create solutions according to your specifications. In any proportions and in any type of packaging. Contact us and let us take care of everything for you.
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