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Filling of powders and granulates

At ZHL we fill all kinds of powders and granulates with absolute accuracy.

We receive them from our clients in diverse quantities and types of packaging. From 15 kilo sacks to big bags of 1000 kilos. The filling options are equally diverse. Pots of 15 kilos, boxes of 10 kilos, bags of 25 kilos and drums of much larger quantities. We can fill your products in any kind of packaging you can think of.

Filling of powders and granulates

Manually and by machine
In our powder department we work with semi-automatic machines. We select the right packaging for the particular product, and hold it under the machine by hand. The machine then carries out the filling in exactly the right quantity. The sealing, sewing shut and other closing methods are all carried out by hand. Our philosophy is to deliver 100% customised solutions, tailor-made to our clients’ requirements. This means that we adjust the settings of our filling machines on a daily basis.

Small orders, our strength
ZHL is not set up for mass production, but is renowned for its flexibility in small-scale operations. Today a 15 gram jar with a lid, tomorrow a sealed 25 kilo sack. Every order requires its own specific approach to filling and packing. To be able to handle all these specific orders, we continuously dismantle our machines, clean them and reassemble them for the next order. No day is ever the same. Because every client is different.

Hazardous products (ADR categories 8 and 9) are naturally handled with the utmost care and attention. However, we do not work with flammable, explosive, toxic or radioactive materials.

Filling machine for powder and granulates

Allow us to fill your products too!
We can fill all your powders and granulates. In any quantity and in any type of packaging. Contact us and we will find the perfect solution for your requirements.
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