Safe, dry, and clean storage.-icoon

Safe, dry, and clean storage.

We store all raw materials and packaging that we receive for processing, under exactly the right conditions. With all relevant permits.

Perhaps your products do not require processing or packaging, but simply need to be stored under the correct conditions?
We can offer temporary storage of these products for you.

Safe, dry, and clean storage.

Storage before and during processing
Your product will receive our utmost care and attention as soon as you deliver the materials to us. Your ingredients and packaging materials remain clean, dry, and safe in our specially designed warehouse with racks. For liquids we have three storage tanks, each with a capacity of 30,000 litres. While we process your powder or liquid, you can rest assured that we will keep track of your stock of raw ingredients and packaging materials. So that you always know exactly where you are with your stock.

Temporary storage after processing
When your powder or liquid is ready, we will dispatch it in any packaging you require. After we have processed them, the products will often continue their journey to another plant to be processed further. Until that time, we will safely store the finished and packaged products for you. You may then collect them from us, or have them collected, when you are ready.

Or perhaps you would prefer us to transport the products to their next destination for you? No problem, we can do this for you too.

Storage of powders and granulates


With us, your products are in the safest of hands!
Would you like to know more about the storage of your products? Contact us and let us take care of everything for you.
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