Quality, safety and environment first

In everything we do, quality, working conditions and the environment are our top priorities. The highest quality processing of powders and liquids. The safest working conditions for our employees. And always taking account of the environment.

When you place an order with ZHL you can be sure that only our internally trained employees will mix and fill your products. Stand-by staff who only work occasionally are only permitted to carry out peripheral activities such as labelling. So you can rest assured your products are in qualified hands.

Working conditions
Our employees are provided with the correct protective equipment and are well trained in avoiding, detecting and where necessary responding to potential hazards. At ZHL we pay a great deal of attention to ergonomics and training, and to combating potential sources of dust, fumes and odours. Our workfloors are fully fitted out for safe operating conditions. For example, the production departments and storage areas are sunken in the ground, so that liquids and any fire extinguishing water are collected and contained.

Naturally, ZHL is up to date with all the necessary environmental permits. Our production, storage, loading and unloading areas satisfy all environmental requirements. All our work spaces are fitted with extractors, liquid-tight floors and waste valves.

All these elements are addressed in our integrated risk management system.

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