About ZHL

ZHL. For more than 60 years ZHL has been THE contract packing company for the chemical industry.

Each year, more than 1,500 different products in liquid and powder form leave our site. Sometimes as end product, but mostly we fill, mix and pack semi-finished products. Which undergo further processing in other chemical plants.

Liquids and powders for diverse applications
The liquids and powders that we process, arrive and depart our company in many different forms. And are used for a huge range of applications. From lubricants for chains to lamp oil. From barbecue cleaners to pesticides. And from colouring for diesel to construction products, such as impregnation agents and levelling material.

Independent status, but extremely committed
ZHL is a true service organisation. We do not manufacture our own products, but work exclusively on behalf of and according to the specifications of our clients. Nevertheless, everything that we fill, mix and pack is treated as if it were our own. We will prepare your products with utmost care, exactly in the manner that you have specified. And we can take care of absolutely everything for you: including the labelling and distribution, for example. With us, you are guaranteed a specialised and flexible partner that faultlessly handles those smaller orders with extremely specific requirements.

Ideal location between two ports
And all this from an ideal location. Situated between the world ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam, we operate within a radius of some 500 kilometres. Not only are the ports within easy reach, but we are also extremely accessible from the Ruhr area in Germany by rail and by road. Our site covers more than 6,000 square metres – soon to be expanded to 12,000 – and our diverse range of machines can quickly be adjusted to handle every packing requirement. Our team of more than 25 internally trained professionals is ready to help you.


We would be delighted to work with you too.
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Telephone +31 (0) 165 346 410 E-Mail info@zhl-copacking.nl